Gilmore & Associates is first and foremost a family. A family that has chosen to combine their gifts and talents to serve smaller communities housing and facility needs. Mark and Deb, Stephen and Shannon, Josh and Sylvia, and Andy are the founders. Meet the family!

Mark and Deb Gilmore

Mark and deb gilmore

Mark and Deb live in Hesston, KS and are responsible for the Gilmore clan.  They currently serve as secretaries for Gilmore & Associates, keeping everyone in line.  In the early years, Mark began teaching Josh and Andy the basics of skilled craftsmanship, attention to detail, and standards of excellence in the woodshop.  These lessons have carried through the years and now drive Gilmore and Associates.

Stephen and Shannon Orpin

Stephen and shannon Orpin

Stephen and Shannon live in Hesston, KS and have been maintaining rental properties since 2014.  Stephen serves as the maintenance director and Shannon as the Treasurer for Gilmore & Associates.  They are driven to try new things in order to gain new results.  This desire to grow and challenge their own status quo led Stephen to start his own interior carpentry business recently.

Josh and Sylvia

Josh and Sylvia Gilmore

Josh and Sylvia serve as the Vice President and Design Director respectively.  They've been involved in real estate management since 2013, as well as working in various jobs with framing crews, interior remodeling, and custom woodworkers.  Their son, Oliver, would love to help with the family business, but he is still trying to learn how to walk and talk successfully.  It may be a while before he swings a hammer or files papers.

Andy Gilmore

Andy Gilmore

Andy serves as the President of Gilmore & Associates.  He currently lives in Kansas City, working for a regional general contractor in estimating and project management roles within their healthcare construction division.  Before Gilmore and Associates, Andy managed single family residential properties as well as a larger communal living facility.  He loves the challenge of bringing teams together to accomplish impossible tasks.